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Arthur uses fork() to reduce the pausing lag, and lz4 to reduce the corefile size.

Capture a corefile by arthur,

arthur -p <pid>

coredump will be saved to

Acore is the new corefile format used in Arthur,

Convert Acore to GNU corefile,

arthur -c <>

GNU corefile will be saved to

arthur vs gcore

based on 1.7GB node process,

process paused time30ms1.6s
realtime cost0.641s1.639s
corefile size16MB1.7GB

arthur log,

arthur[50752] I: Process 50519 paused 29.138 ms.
arthur[50752] I: Compressed 1719906691 bytes into 15628790 bytes ==> 0.91%

real 0m0.641s
user 0m0.277s
sys 0m0.316s

gcore log,

Saved corefile core.50519

real 0m1.639s
user 0m0.267s
sys 0m1.371s

file size compare,

$ls -al core.50519 acore.50519
-rw-r--r-- 1 zlei users 15712205 Mar 18 20:08 acore.50519
-rw-r--r-- 1 zlei users 1699545344 Mar 18 20:08 core.50519

Advanced Usage

Fork coredump mode, (default)

arthur -p <pid> -0

Gcore mode,

arthur -p <pid> -1

Kernel coredump mode,

arthur -p <pid> -2

Monitor mode,

arthur -p <pid> -3

only supports x86_64 Linux.