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Deploy Noslate with Docker

Noslate can be quickly deployed into the existing cluster architecture in the form of Docker images, and cooperate with upper-level scheduling to achieve finer-grained scheduling and high-density deployment.

Quick start

If you want to experience Noslate directly locally, do the following:

docker pull
docker run -d

If you want to customize the mirror content, you can continue reading.

Custom image

Next, let's build a sample image to demonstrate how to customize the image:

Determine the dependent image version

Confirm the version number you want to use in version history, and introduce it in the Dockerfile:


FROM noslate:${NOSLATE_VERSION:-0.0.1}

Taking 0.0.1 as an example, in order to easily update Noslate in the future, the version can be passed in as a build parameter, and specified when building:

docker build --build-arg NOSLATE_VERSION=0.0.1

Create the required directory

Most of the required directories have been created in the Noslate image, but the log file directory has not been created. It can be created according to the location specified by the environment variable NOSLATE_LOGDIR:


It is also possible to override this environment variable and create a directory of files as required:

ENV $NOSLATE_LOGDIR=/home/admin/logs

Integrate Gateway components

Details of the Gateway component can be found in the two documents provided above. Here we use the already written Demo Gateway and add it to the image.


COPY resources/gateway $GATEWAY_PATH


In ENTRYPOINT, we need to run the components of Noslate and the Gateway above:

Start Turfd

start_turfd() {
nohup ${ALINODE_CLOUD_BIN}/turf -D -f >${TURF_LOG} 2>&1

Start Noslated

Noslated consists of two parts, Data Plane and Control Plane. For details, please refer to the introduction of Noslated. The startup sequence of the two is not required.

start_planes() {
node ${ALINODE_CLOUD_BIN}/data_plane &
node ${ALINODE_CLOUD_BIN}/control_plane &

Start Gateway

The Gateway will establish a connection with the Data Plane and Control Plane, and it is recommended to start it last while keeping the container running.

start_gateway() {
node ${GATEWAY_PATH}/server.js

Here is a written for reference.

Copy this file to the image, increase the execution permission, and specify it as the ENTRYPOINT of the container.

COPY resources/ /

Build image

At this point, the custom image content has been completed, and we can execute the build.

docker build --build-arg NOSLATE_VERSION=0.0.1 noslate-demo.dockerfile -t noslate-demo

After building it, run it directly:

docker run -d noslate-demo