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Service Routing Configuration

Noslated supports calling Worker functions in the form of services. A service can contain multiple Worker functions and their rates. It is generally used in grayscale publishing scenarios to prevent existing traffic from being affected.

There are two types of services:

  1. one-to-one (default)
  2. Load balancing (proportional-load-balance)
property nametypedescription
namestringService name, which is used to identify which service is called when calling
typestringService type, value: default, proportional-load-balance
selectorDefaultServiceSelectorIt only takes effect when type is default, and the specified service corresponds to the Worker function
selectorsLoadBalanceSelector[]It only takes effect when the type is proportional-load-balance. The specified service corresponds to the Worker function and rate


property nametypedescription
functionNamestringWorker function name


property nametypedescription
selectorDefaultServiceSelectorSpecify Worker function
proportionnumberThe rate is 0-1, and the sum of the total scale values ​​of all Worker functions under the service is 1