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System Configuration

System configuration can be set in the form of configuration files, such as:

// config.json
"worker": {
"reservationCountPerFunction": 10
Configuration nameTypeDescription
planePlaneConfigplane configuration
controlPlaneControlPlaneConfigcontrol plane configuration
virtualMemoryPoolSizenumbervirtual memory pool size, used for overselling
workerWorkerConfigWorker Instance Default Configuration
systemCircuitBreakerSystemCircuitBreakerSystem circuit breaker configuration
delegateDelegateWorker Instance Proxy Configuration


Configuration nameTypeDescription
dataPlaneCountnumberNumber of Data Planes
planeFirstConnectionTimeoutnumberplane connection timeout

Control Plane

Configuration nameTypeDescription
expandConcurrencynumberWorker instance expansion concurrency, default is 2
expandIntervalnumberExpansion queue consumption interval, the default is setInterval(0)


Configuration nameTypeDescription
controlPlaneConnectTimeoutnumberControl Plane connection timeout
defaultShrinkStrategystringDefault scaling strategy, the default value is LCC, optional values: FILO (create first and then destroy), FIFO (create first and destroy first), LCC (destruct minimum current concurrency)
gcLogDelaynumberHow long to clear the log residue after the worker instance is stopped, the default is 5 minutes
reservationCountPerFunctionnumberNumber of Reserved Instances per Worker Function
maxActivateRequestsnumberNumber of Reserved Instances per Worker Function
defaultInitializerTimeoutnumberDefault initialization timeout
replicaCountLimitnumberThe upper limit of each Worker function instance
shrinkRedundantTimesnumberIdle judgment shrink time


Configuration nameTypeDescription
requestCountLimitnumberMaximum number of instant requests, default 10000
pendingRequestCountLimitnumberWaiting for the number of requests to go online, the default is 1000
systemLoad1LimitnumberSystem CPU Load upper limit, default 10


Configuration nameTypeDescription
sockConnectTimeoutnumberWorker connection timeout, default 5s
kvStoragePerNamespaceCapacitynumberThe maximum number of kvStorage namespaces, the default is 8
kvStoragePerNamespaceMaxSizenumberThe upper limit of the maximum storage quantity of kvStorage namespace, the default is 4096
kvStoragePerNamespaceMaxByteLengthnumberThe maximum storage limit of kvStorage namespace, the default is 256MB